Self-Assessment Tool


The Circular Skills Self-Assessment Tool, developed by CESAR Project, provides a self-assessment in circular skills, mainly targeting Vocational Education and Training (VET) practitioners.

It is composed of 3 elements: 1) the skills matrix that cross the 6 types of circular skills with the building blocks of circular economy; 2) the self-assessment questionnaire; and 3) the circular skills profile.

The user must answer to the questionnaire, marking the option that best express your opinion about the sentences (questions) presented.

After filling in the questionnaire, the score is automatically calculated and skills profile is presented.

For each type of skill the desirable profile is inside the green area. If your score is outside the green area it’s necessary to improve your knowledge and your competencies, according to the respective circular economy blocks, to augment that skill. The further your score is from the green area the more effort is needed to reach it.

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