Circular Economy Skills and Awareness Raising


ESAR Project participated in April in the biggest ERASMUS+ event organised by TKNIKA (Basque Government's Centre for Innovation in Vocational Education and Training).
Calasanz Santurtzi, represented by Iratxe Garrachón, Iker Orueta and Rafa Balparda, members of Calasanz International Campus, took an active part in the event, held at the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao, the tallest building in the city... a symbol for high-rise projects... like CESAR! During three hours of work, CESAR was presented to experts and teachers of Vocational Education and Training. In addition, the official publication of Erasmus+ projects, where CESAR is published, was presented.
One more dissemination action within this wonderful project. The meeting was attended by more than 200 international experts and was presented by Jorge Arévalo, Vice-Minister of Vocational Education and Training of the Basque Government.